We work hard to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge technological solutions. Hence, we built our own websites to better serve our customers no matter where they are. We also worked to make our services more responsive so that we can help clients whenever they need it.

We are Microsoft software resellers, offering a comprehensive range of Microsoft products, including Windows, Office packages and singles applications, Servers, and antivirus software from well-known brands like Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Avast, and Norton, which you can find in the Brand section below. As an added bonus, we can manage special orders and offer customizable software that fit your specific needs. Additionally, we have multilingual experts available to answer all of your questions, help you choose the software that's right for you, and walk you through any problems you run into.

No matter what language you speak, you'll always be able to find the answers you seek.


We worked long and hard over the past 13 years to give our customers the greatest service at the lowest cost possible.

Our company was one of the first in the industry to stop shipping physical CDs and instead provide an email with a download link to your program. This reduces the amount of waste and negative environmental effects generated due to storage and shipping. Our automated system now delivers your purchase automatically instead of manually processing orders, saving you time and money.


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Who we are

We have a diverse group of specialists that can handle any situation.

The Support team
Provides support before and after the purchase to guarantee that a well-informed decision is made
The development team
builds apps and modules that satisfy all specifications while also being easy to use
The Marketing Team
Responsible for advertising, referencing, and setting appealing marketing strategies
The Design Team
Creates designs and layouts to make navigating easy for visitors
The Finance Team
Organizes payments and attends to all financial requirements in order to give proper billing
The HR team
Maximizes employee output in order to meet customers needs

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